RVCC Youth Ministry

(Grades 4-12)

RVCC Youth Ministry aims to offer a substantial and robust atmosphere for student discipleship, partnering with parents to see lasting change in the lives of these young adults. 

The curriculum that the youth will cover this year is based on the Gospel of John, the New City Catechism and Chris Morphew’s book, “Who Am I and Why Do I Matter?”

The New City Catechism is a modern-language collection of 52 questions and answers used to teach, correct, and profess the beliefs of Christianity. It is designed to create a biblical framework in our minds and hearts that acts as a foundation, to be gradually built upon over the years with new insights from more teaching, reading, and experiences. 

In drawing from “Who Am I and Why Do I Matter?”, we aim to help the kids understand how to embrace and enjoy their identity as those loved by God and made in his image.

We are excited to offer a place for your 4th-12th grade youth to connect to one another and be established in the gospel of Jesus Christ.