Our Ministry

    We would love to have you and your children join us Sunday morning. Our children's ministry happens downstairs, below the room where we meet for our main worship service. If possible, come a few minutes early to check-in your kids. Kids from birth to toddler stay close by in a newly located, renovated nursery. Kids from preK on can stay upstairs to be with you for the first part of the service. They will then be dismissed to head downstairs for the remainder of the service and all kids can be picked up after the service ends in the lower level Christian Education wing. 

Our Mission 

     We know it’s hard to get out the door on Sunday mornings, but we believe the time your kids spend with us will be well worth the effort . As a ministry team, we want to do what we can to reinforce what you are teaching your child about the love of God through Christ. We have wonderful teachers who will lead your children through age-appropriate bible lessons that focus on real life application which is then reinforced through crafts and games. Your kids will be safe and have fun while growing in the understanding of the Gospel! 

For further information contact Carol Savoy at