2018 Renovation

January of 2018 brought a significant challenge to our church body when a pipe froze and burst.  At that point, we began efforts to address the issue, fix the needed repairs and concentrate on preventative measures to be prepared to ensure steps to be ahead of any potential future challenges.  Our project was handled in various Phases and came to a close in the month of December with the building being reopened and all areas useable.  While anyone who has embarked into a renovation project knows it can be quite challenging, we thank  God for His blessings and for the leadership and people of this church for their prayers, patience and countless volunteer hours freely given.  Without all of that, we simply would not be in the great place we are! 

Our Current Wish List:

Front Lobby/Welcome Center/General Building--Estimated Cost: $3,700

 [Seeking donations to general funding of items]

  • Children’s Check-in System: Label Printer, Laptop & Computer Monitor
  • TV
  • Speakers
  • Projection Camera
  • Door locks and Cameras

The Fellowship Area--Estimated Cost:  $10,000   

  • High Top Tables & Chairs (2)

    2 High top tables in the coffee area are needed.  Each table costs approximately $285.  Click the image to the left to go to the online ordering.

  • End Chairs (2)

    2 matching end chairs to complete the sofa area in the fellowship area are needed. Each chair costs approximately $420. Click the image to the left to go to the online ordering.  

  • Ice Maker

    In order to free up space for trays, etc.. the refrigerator selected for the fellowship area came without an ice maker and to plan for large group events, an ice maker was selected to go into the fellowship area kitchen.  The ice maker costs approximately $420.  Click on the image to the left to go to the online ordering for this item. 

  • Gift Cards

    Various gift cards to Michaels, HomeGoods and Hobby Lobby would be greatly appreciated to complete the design of the space.  Monetary amounts needed are $200 each.